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We stand with our bodies, our music, our poetry to share our differences,

our beauty, our fragility and our questions.


Lucie Betz_Nuage Fou


French artist, Butoh dancer, choreographer, clown & clinical clown. Founder of the Theater Nuage Fou in Freiburg.

She organizes and gathers artists for projects of the Nuage Fou ensemble, workshops and performances with international Butoh dancers. Lucie has been teaching for over 15 years and has participated in many Butoh projects, creations, productions, improvisations in solo and with other artists such as musicians in a variety of places and in international festivals.


Geneviève Mégier_Nuage Fou


French-Austrian cellist. She worked for several years as a ceramist in a potter's village in central France and studied cello in Basel at the Swiss Academy of Music and Music Education. She is a member of the Trio Briósh and founded the performance duo Butoh-Cello with Lucie Betz. A particular emphasis is placed on free improvisation in her work.

Makiko Tominanga_Nuage Fou


Japanese Butoh dancer, member of the Butoh Company Dairakudakan under the direction of Akaji Maro in Japan (1978-1991). Participation in various international festivals. Works solo and in group productions as a dancer and choreographer. Collaboration with musicians, actors and theater groups, such as Grotest Maru and Theater Thikwa in Berlin. Since 2016, she has been a part of the Nuage Fou projects in Freiburg with Butoh workshops and performances every year.

Thomas G. Schoch_Nuage Fou


German improvising musician. He plays with all kinds of objects and wind instruments including the trumpet and euphonium

to create sound worlds close to the Butoh dancers. He has participated in many projects of Nuage Fou and created a performance `Lubutho trifft Kunst – Eine Frage der Tiefe´ with Lucie Betz (Butoh) and Ximeh Photography (Video installation)

in 2022 - E-Werk Freiburg.

Hartmut Betz_Nuage Fou


German violin maker by training. Since 2000 independent arborist and tree climber. He has accompanied many

Butoh performances with his  violin and was the main person in charge of the technical part and the lighting of the Nuage Fou Theater. He continues to design the lighting for the projects of the Nuage Fou Ensemble.

Ximeh Photography_Nuage Fou


Bolivian photographic artist based in Berlin.

She has photographed most of the projects of Nuage Fou from the beginning and until the end of the theater; from its creations, group to solo performances... indoors and outdoors always trying to make visible the spirit that moves the body.

More artists involved in Nuage Fou projects



Japanese pianist and composer, recently graduated from the Freiburg Musikhochschule.


American Butoh dancer. Kogut Butoh. She received the transmission of the great founding dancers such as Kazuo Ohno and Yoko Ashikawa.


German clown, puppeteer and dancer living in Marseille. Teaches and supports clown creations.


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