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It's the urgency to live in the present moment with

its absurd dimension, to take unexpected risks,

failed, dare to fail again.

The clown is the marvelous, the poet in action, sublime because he is deeply himself!

Colombina_Lucie Betz

Clowning plays an important role in Nuage Fou.

Since Lucie Betz became a clinical clown in 2018 (Clown Lulu) for the psychiatry, gerontology & refugee camp, her interests in bringing clown characters to life 

in her work have strongly increased.

Currently, she is improvising with `Colombina´​, a round and expressive woman,

full of bags and surprises; as well as a character of absurd power; the `Captain​´,

an auhtentic warrior, very attached to his sword!

More soon!

The Captain_Lucie Betz
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