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Selected projects from the Ensemble Nuage Fou.
Site-specific performances with improvisational

elements based on Butoh quality.


Joan Laage & Lucie Betz (Butoh dance)

Miku Arizono & Ryo Yamanishi (piano)

Hartmut Betz (Lighting)


Fri, 19 and Sat, 20 April 2024

8:00 pm

15€/ 12€ 


led by Joan Laage/ Kogut Butoh

Embodying the Spirit: 

The body finds its way

Sat, 20 and Sun, 21 April 2024

10:00 am - 4:00 pm

130€/ 110€

Schopf2 - Schopfheimer Str. 2, 79115 Freiburg

Event cooperated with the Schopf2, Freiburg.

In the small nooks and crannies of our cracked, broken house, a whole new light seeps in, an impossible journey to be made together if possible.

A blending of compositions, notes and improvisations.


REFUGE is a Butoh performance project and a workshop* project at

the same venue, Schopf2 in Freiburg.

*For those interested, information and registration

refuge Nuage Fou

under the stars

Miku Arizono (piano) & Geneviève Mégier (cello). 

Makiko Tominaga, Joan Laage & Lucie Betz

(Butoh dance)

Ida Biegel & Yifeng Wang (dance)

Hartmut Betz (Lighting)

Sat, 29 and Sun, 30 April 2023

8:00 pm

Northern courtyard of the `Herderbaus´ of the university.

Access Habsburgerstr. 114-116, 79106 Freiburg.
Admission on
donation basis.

Event cooperated with the Archaeological Collection,

from the university of Freiburg & supported by the

Cultural Office (Kulturamt) - City of Freiburg.

Ensemble Nuage Fou's new performance project is a sensory experience

centered around a musical sound installation.

The inner courtyard of the 'Herderbaus' as the location of the performance

poses the question of where we are, inside - outside or in a space in between?

ALL DANCES! ALL SOUNDS! and vibrates: bodies, emotions and structures,

on the border between dream and stranger, day and night, where we can

approach our disappointments and our hopes. 

Full gallery collection available here

Prelude for a smile


Ensemble Nuage Fou on tour in Algeria, in the framework of the Sahara International Theater

Lucie Betz & Makiko Tominaga (Butoh dance)

Thomas G. Schoch (Sound & wind instruments)

Hartmut Betz (Violin)

Peter Maria Hoever (Play & Construction) 

Kim Betz (Voice & text)

Mon, 19 December 2022

in TIZI-OUZOU - regional theater Kateb Yacine  

Sat, 24 December 2022 

in ADRAR - open air in the desert

Festival organised with the support of the

Algerian Ministery of Culture and Local authorities

in Adrar and the Knights of stage Association for Performing Arts.

Support by the Cultural Office (Kulturamt) of

the City of Freiburg.

Prelude for a smile, with text fragments from the little prince by Saint-Exupéry,

is a performance project about the dialogue between a diversity of worlds!


We imagined a performance especially for the desert, with dialogue as

the theme for this festival. The construction of a center with stones, "planet" dancers,

a little girl little prince, St.Exupéry violinist becoming the fox, the sounds of the

universe and the meeting of all these worlds.


We are proud to have received the jury's award and to have touched

an African audience.

Prelude for a Smile_Nuage Fou
Prelude for a Smile_Nuage Fou

zwischen den wölken

Lucie Betz & Makiko Tominaga (Butoh dance)

Geneviève Mégier (Cello)

Sat, 17 and Sun, 18 July 2021

8:00 pm

Maria Magdalena Church
Maria-von-Rudloff-Platz 1, 79111 Freiburg

12€/ 20€ support

Project supported by a grant from the

Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg.

How can they make this strange rigid line dance ? 

What spaces of play emerge between the bodies, the forms and everything ?

A floating, tense, rigid, weightless, ... living distance for a poetic dialogue

with the cello, the spectator and the space.
The current situation of spatial distancing questions more than ever the relationship

between us humans. In a real moment of live performance, can we still listen

to this space in between and create intimacy ?

Full gallery collection available here

Zwischen den Wölken_Nuage Fou
Zwischen den Wölken_Nuage Fou
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