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The theater Nuage Fou in Freiburg is the story of a unique independent theater dedicated to Butoh and its related arts.

10 years of adventures and human, poetic and artistic encounters, with creations, research residencies, festivals, Butoh and clown performances, weekly classes, workshops... and much more...

It is the experience of full and exciting periods and empty phases.

The theater Nuage Fou, created by Lucie Betz, has resisted in its own way to the turbulences of the world, always keeping open its deep questioning about the meaning of art. Away from the commercial and institutional systems, it has remained almost invisible to many, yet it has lived on well. And those who knew

it will remember him!

Le Nuage Fou closed its doors in September 2022 and for those who were not lucky enough to know it, the end gave rise to a beautiful documentary film:

LE NUAGE FOU. (Directed by Bernd Schumacher and Christof Schwab,

presented on 3. April 2023 at the Kommunalen Kino KOKI in Freiburg) to be discovered and/or rediscovered.

Thanks to the cultural office of the city of Freiburg for its subsidies for projects

during the existence of the Theater Nuage Fou.



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